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Our Service includes free no obligation quotations and advice. We install all types of fencing and gates domestic, commercial, agricultural and equestrian.

Commercial Fencing

As with all new fencing supplied and erected by ACB Fencing & Landscape Ltd you can be assured that we have carried out the work many times before to a high standard and will be able to complete your works to your complete satisfaction. Quality is something we take seriously and have built our company name on repeat business and good word of mouth advertising ensuring we are the company to be trusted.

As with all our fencing we offer a free, no obligation quotation, so please contact us today to arrange your site visit.


Chain Link Fencing is available in many heights ranging from 900mm high for a low dividing fence up to 3.6m for a ball screen fence. There are also many different thicknesses of the wire depending on security requirements. Rather than listing all the different types just tell us, during the site visit, what your security issues are and we can recommend a suitable gauge.

Security fencing

In today’s climate security fencing is important to us all. Intruders of any kind can be disturbing and people’s anxieties weigh differently depending on an individuals experience. Ranging from casual by-passers taking a shortcut through your property, to would-be vandals and thieves who would in some cases inflict personal injury and damage. Sadly, there are some would stop at nothing to achieve their aims.

Your concern for security of the person and property, is our concern. With a wide selection security fencing systems to suit all situations, we will take a stand with you.

Steel palisade

Steel palisade fencing provides a formidable barrier against thieves and vandals looking to gain access to premises. Steel palisade fences are constructed from hot and cold rolled steel sections supplied for assembly on site. Fencing is available in either a ‘D’ or ‘W’ profile, each designed to provide its own level of security.


The welded wire mesh is a metal screen that is made up of low carbon steel wire. It is available in various sizes and shapes. ACB Fencing can Supply and Install Weldmesh fencing proffesionally and cost effective.

Domestic Fencing

You can choose between closeboard with wood or concrete posts and gravel boards. Lap or closeboard panels with wooden or concrete posts. Post and rail nailed or morticed half round or square rails. Gates and trellis made to measure.
Close Board Fencing,
is renowned for its strength and versatility without sacrificing its appearance.
Pickett Fencing,
is a popular choice for a front garden fence and for many years and has been seen as a very traditional type of garden fencing.
Wattle willow hurdles,
can be made to your specific requirements, used mainly on river banks or fence panels, making attractive screens for garden or stately homes.
Rabbit netting,
is Ideal For Protecting Gardens/Allotments From Rabbit & Other Predators
Gates pedestrian or driveway,
is a quick easy and stylish way to section off your garden. We have all sizes from low level support for your climbing plants and vegetables, all the way up to full sized garden screens – as well as everything in-between!
Post and rail Fencing,
is commonly used to keep animals in fields.
Chainlink angle iron or concrete posts,
are a sturdy, long lasting and maintenance free fencing essential.

Agricultural & Equestrain Fencing

Agricultural & Equestrian farm fencing is one of the major costs when operaterating an agricultural property or farm livestock business. Agricultural farm fences can be used for stock proofing, sub-division and setting boundaries for cattle, sheep, pigs and goats. So let ACB Fencing & Landscape Ltd help you.

We offer various types of Agricultural & Equestrian Fencing Including:


ACB Fencing & Landscape Ltd offer lots of different stock proof fence using galvanized wire field fences that are strong, durable & economical including Cattle, Pig, Sheep, Forest and Deer fencing.

Post and rail

Post and rail fencing refers to any fencing comprised of solid timber rails. Advantages to using post and rail style fences are good visibility through the fence and the robust traditional design doubles as an attractive barrier that works well along most curves. Additional wire mesh can be used to make the fence Livestock Proof.

Wooden post and rails can be square cut or round. Rails are mostly half round or square profile.

Estate railings

We  supply and professional install high quality English continuous steel estate fencing and parkland fencing and installations of all forms of decorative wrought iron work including gates, tree guards and bespoke commissions throughout the UK and Europe. Traditional estate fencing and parkland fencing offers a timeless elegance that will compliment your property and its surroundings without being visually obtrusive.

Barbed / plain wire fencing

Barbed wire for agricultural fencing is typically available in two varieties—”soft” or mild-steel wire and “high tensile”. Both types are galvanised for long life. High-tensile wire is made with thinner but higher-strength steel. Its greater strength make fences longer-lasting because cattle cannot stretch and loosen it. It copes with the expansions and contractions caused by heat and animal pressure by stretching and relaxing within wider elastic limits. It also supports longer spans, but because of its “springy” nature it is hard to handle and somewhat dangerous for inexperienced fencers. Soft wire is much easier to work but is less durable and only suitable for short spans. Used also for security fencing.

Electric fencing

Electric fences have lots of advatages they are one of the best deterrents they provides a physical barrier and an electric high shock, they have low maintenance cost and are very easy to operate. ACB Fencing Ltd can help you to install a durable and reliable electric fence for all your agricultural and equestrain needs.